Coming of Age

Coming of Age Event Planning Service.

A coming of age event is a really special time in one's life when there is a transition from childhood to adulthood. For a celebration of such significance, you want the best people in your corner. Visual Comet can take your vision and bring it to life for any coming of age events.

This is what we do.

We offer a full planning service to ensure the event is done to your liking from ideation to the day of the event. We make sure that all of the details are covered and every idea is fully implemented to make your day special.

Just the right venue.

Since this occasion has such rich significance, we search for the perfect venue to ensure we hold true to the meaning of the event. We make sure we stay true to any traditions or societal practices that are important for your special day. We work with the venue to negotiate a price that fits within your budget.

We do the negotiating.

We handle all of the price and contract negotiations for your event and are the primary contact for any venues or vendors. This ensures you have a worry free experience with us from start to finish.

We manage it all.

We take care of all of the vendor contacts and ensure that all scheduling, to do lists and timelines are done in an accurate and timely fashion. We make sure that all of the activities are done within the agreed upon budget.

Help with invitation coordination.

If you need help with invitations we are here to assist. We will help with save the dates and invitations. Whether you need help mailing them out or organizing the RSVPs, we are here to assist however you need us.

We do the creative work.

Whatever theme you want, we will provide for your coming of age event. If your event has religious or societal meaning, we are able to work with you and incorporate those special touches into the event theme. We have a team of professionals that specialized and unique events such as these.

We attend all of the meetings.

Any meetings that are required for the planning of your event, we attend. We make sure that we are present to ensure all the details of your event are carried out to your liking. Whether we're meeting with the caterer or the venue, we are there to represent you and make sure all of your needs are being met for your special occasion.

We take care of everything from start to finish.

On the day of your event, you don't have to lift a finger. We run the show for the entire day. We provide on site management the day of the event by implementing and following the exact timeline laid out by our team of professionals. We make sure that all of the vendors are there and on time and all of the tasks are completed prior to the start of the event. We take care of all the details down to packing up your gifts and sending you home after the event is done.

Prior to the day of the event.

We ensure that all of the details are taken care of by planning the day of the event a month in advance. We review a fully comprehensive timeline of events and review it with the vendors and the venue and meet with all of the vendors for a final walk through. We do a complete walk through from start to finish one month prior to the event to ensure we've captured all of the details for your special day. We create a detailed timeline for the day of the event to ensure no details are missed. We make sure that all of the final numbers are calculated for the guest head count and final invoices and payments are delivered and made.

On the day of the event, we are there to manage every detail pertaining to your event. We manage all of the vendors and the venue site. We make sure that everything is done to your liking and no detail is left undone. Our coming of age event planning service ensures that all of the details are captured while remaining true to the traditions of the occasion.