Corporate Events

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate event planning service assists you in planning your business' best events that have ever occurred. It is important that all details are accounted for and that you ensure that your event goes according to plan. For that reason, we can assist you in planning a great event for your business like the examples listed below.

Multi-Day and Multi-City Conferences

Multi-day and multi-city conferences require extensive planning. It is important to plan the speakers, the accommodations for attendees and speakers, the venues and even the meals. Your attendees should feel appreciated for coming to the conference your business is hosting.


Retreats are a great way to appreciate your employees and to teach new information to your employees. Retreats also require extensive planning in figuring out activities, speakers and accommodations. Your employees should feel relaxed, appreciated and as if they are a part of the greater plan of your business.

Investor Meetings

Investor meetings are events that can greatly utilize event planning services. It is important to appear professional. It is important to hire speakers who can represent your business well, and it is important to be able to make accommodations for those speakers so they can promote your business well.

Product Launches

Product launches are utilized to excite people about your business and its products. It is important to plan out all branding and marketing information. It is also important to have a great production team with extensive planning to make the launch as exciting as possible.

Internnational Incentive Programs

International incentive programs help you to develop trade and partnerships for your business' growth. Trades are made when details are effectively planned out. Leave the details up to us as we can assist you in planning this important meeting or event.

Closing Dinners

Closing dinners are one of the most classic types of events that we can assist your business in planning for. It is important to have decor that goes along with the theme, as well as great catering for your meal. It is imperative to develop effective invitation material as well as speaker and entertainment details.

Summer Associate Events

The summer is a great time to engage in team building and to hold events for your employees. It is important to plan the events in a way that shows the appreciation you have for your employees, without neglecting the business side of things. You have to appear to be relative to your employees, however, during these events.

Partner Dinners

Partner dinners also require some classic event planning. It is important for every detail of the dinner to appear as professional as possible, including the entertainment, the decor and the meal. The details will assist partnerships to develop and grow.

Summer Social Picnics

Summer social picnics are great ways to get to know your employees, their families and potential customers. It is important to plan these picnics in a manner that showcases the casual environment your business has the ability to display. The details want to represent your business as being personable.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are essential to any business. There are numerous parties to plan for throughout the year to spread holiday cheer. Allow us to plan the details in decor, entertainment, activities and catering.

Fashion Shows

If you own a retail clothing or fashion business, a fashion show is a great way to get your products seen by customers and colleagues. Fashion shows need production and setup. It is important to contact us to assist you in every detail to create an unforgettable and professional fashion show.

All Company Community Days

Many businesses participate in volunteer efforts and outreach. For these efforts, many companies engage in community days. It is important to plan out all parts of the day including schedules, media coverage and sponsorship information.

General Corporate Event Planning

No matter your business' needs in event planning, we are here for you. Any corporate event that you want to have, we have the planning resources necessary to make it successful. Download our full list of services here to see what we can do for you and your business, and be sure to use a corporate events planning checklist to assist you.