Event Planning

Obtain Innovative Event Planning Services

Visual Comet currently offers cutting-edge comprehensive event management assistance across three states: New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. As a full-service company, the firm plans and manages a full spectrum of private, corporate, and public gatherings. From weddings to shareholder meetings, to book tours, concerts, parties, museum openings, trade shows, and more, Visual Comet designs and organizes every aspect of trendy events. Consider requesting any (or all) of these vital services:

Venue Consultation

Obtain assistance locating the best venues for important events. Visual Comet offers expertise scouting locations. We'll help negotiate short and long term venue leasing contracts. We assist artists in finding the perfect facilities for filming music videos or staging live concerts, for example.

Video Equipment

Employ the correct video and camera equipment to produce stunning productions. Sometimes clients already possess these resources, but require logistical assistance transporting or placing equipment on site. Overcome obstacles with intelligent advanced video equipment planning furnished by Visual Comet.


We also offer lighting services to optimize an array of events. Sometimes using colored lights in time-controlled displays at concert venues showcases performances to their best advantage. Obtain stunning visual effects with the assistance of our lighting experts.


Use experienced audio assistance to ensure public relations events impress everyone favorably. Our team of sound experts assist clients of every size in obtaining access to cutting edge sound equipment.


Produce a variety of events with the assistance of our innovative video production services. From computer game production to virtual reality planning, we offer a full canvas of exciting, innovative video services to aid our clients. Gain impressive video capabilities with our help!

Custom Fabrication And Design

Today, the availability of 3D printing enables event planning to include thrilling custom fabrication and design capabilities. Whether you require assistance creating the perfect backdrop for a film production, or help designing accessories for a boardroom, we furnish talented support services. Obtain the exact décor required to stage a memorable production or an important social gathering.

Checklist Development And Management

Planning successful events requires paying close attention to a myriad of details. Visual Comet offers experienced checklist development and management services to help stage productions of every size seamlessly.

Budget Development And Tracking

Rely upon our skilled budgeting services to extract the greatest value from every dollar expended on an important event. We help clients prevent cost overruns and avoid wasteful spending. Use our firm's planning expertise to achieve detailed, comprehensible, itemized financial reports.


Our styling services help promote trendy, current events. From a music video to a gala, clients appreciate this vital assistance. Make a distinctive impact on your audience with the help of our experienced stylists.

Planning Meetings

Call upon our meeting planners to facilitate more productive, well-organized working sessions. Conferences, seminars, shareholders meetings, public information hearings, and more, all benefit from this specialized service. We'll help organize documents and distribute copies to participants.

Concierge Assistance

Do you require project management skills to oversee a production from start to finish? Visual Comet excels in this field. Our clients rely on us to help nurture, support, and manage a variety of productions and special events. Consider delegating organizational or corporate special proceedings to our care.

Vendor Coordination

Visual Comet also serves customers by providing vendor coordination. This vital task sometimes supplies a way to lower costs while enhancing the satisfaction of event participants. Optimize this task by using our support services!

Request Event Services Now

Upscale productions benefit from the creative influence of the skilled event planners from Visual Comet. Contact us at 732-662-1113 for immediate personal assistance. We'll help organize successful social gatherings that enhance your brand!