Non Profit Galas

Full Service Non-Profit Event Planning and Fundraising Consulting
Managing your fundraising events can be a huge undertaking for your development team and in-house event staff. In addition to managing your year-round fundraising activities, planning and executing your annual benefits, board retreats and conferences can be all-consuming. Our firm offers full-service non-profit event planning and management and can free up your team to focus on your regular fundraising efforts.

Gala and Fundraising Planning

Planning your annual gala is a major undertaking that can take the better part of a year. Between building the benefit committee, sending out the save-the-date and actually running the event, there are a million details to attend to. While it may seem like a cost savings to handle the planning in-house, it can end up costing more in additional labor and materials.

Your development team still has to handle their day-to-day fundraising duties while planning your event. This means that you will have to factor in the added labor to your overall budget, decreasing your overall intake. A non profit events planning company not only saves your company time but money, allowing you to reach your fundraising goals faster.

By hiring an outside firm, you can outsource a full range of services, from working with the graphic designer to design the invitations and programs to setting up silent auctions, developing seating charts and addressing and mailing invitations.

"One Month Out" Event Planning Services

Anyone who has ever planned a fundraising gala knows that the month leading up to the event can be hectic. Between last minute ticket purchases, meetings with vendors and seating chart nightmares, your staff will be working around the clock to pull off the impossible. If you only need help in the last month leading up to the event, a non profit event planning service can step in and take over, freeing you up to get ready for the big day.

The team will handle those small details that seem to trip people up at the end. Making sure the vendors get the right parking permit for loading and unloading, getting volunteers to handle check-in, finding someone to ship the auction items to the winners and a million other details. Your team simply meets with the non profit events planning team, shares their vision for the event and watches as everything runs smoothly.

Comprehensive Development Planning Services

Some non-profit companies need assistance with the planning and execution of their fundraising systems. A non-profit consulting firm can assist with planning the annual budget, setting fundraising goals and creating a comprehensive development plan. Are you looking to grow your donor base by adding an individual giving program? Do you need to reach out to lapsed major donors and start getting major gifts again? Would your organization benefit from a marketing plan that brings in new donors? Is your database effective in delivering the right data you need to make fundraising decisions? Your non-profit consulting service team will sit down with you and map out a comprehensive plan that will help your company reach its fundraising goals.

Other Essential Development Consulting Services

Your non-profit consulting firm can assist you in planning cultivation events that actually bring in money. Board members love throwing soirees at their homes that are a lot of fun, but many of them don't generate any donations. A non-profit consulting firm can work with your development team and your board to plan events that make an impact on your bottom line. Your consulting firm can also create marketing plans, recruit new board members and create donor recognition programs.

If you're looking to develop a major gifts program, your non profit consulting firm can conduct wealth analysis and prospect research using proprietary software like Donor Search™ to pinpoint the right donors for outreach. From there, they can help you to create the right solicitation campaigns that will reach the donors that are most likely to support your mission.

When it comes to planning and executing flawless events, we are the premier non profit
events planning service. Whether you need a complete "soup to nuts" solution or extra hands on deck one month out, we are the firm that the tri-state area trusts. With our team of development experts who have years of expertise in fundraising planning, we can take your non-profit company to the next level and help you exceed your fundraising goals.