DB Technologies T4

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The DVA T4 is equipped with unique digital power amps that provide a total of 420W RMS.

 Driven by Digipro® technology, it renders signals very accurately thanks to a multiband compressor/ limiter with separate response curves for each signal path.
The 8“ Neodymium-Woofer is equipped with a high power 2.5“ voice coil to provide superior sound pressure level in a very compact size.
The 6.5“ Neodymium-Midrange speaker has a sealed basket to provide an optimized volume capacity including high sensitivity and superb sound reproduction.
It also has a horn exit including phase plug for defined and linear sound emission.
The build in 1”Neodymium- Drivers are equipped with a 1.4” Mylar- Membrane which allow a very quick response and provide a linear frequency range at a surprisingly low weight.

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Height: 9.6", Width: 23.2", Depth: 13.08"